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An Albion Christmas
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Christmas in Birmingham

Christmas Words and Music

All The Year Round

Yes, this is the time of the year when we remember,those no longer with us, or those who whom we would wish to be with, but, remember this, the feeling should be a feeling all the year round. This world is a troubled enough place as it is, let us, like Ebenezer Scrooge, see that light that shines within us all, and celebrate it, befriend it, love with it, be that light.
Let us then, also, remember those less fortunate than ourselves, bring them some of the the glorious light, again, not just at this time of the year, but all the year round.
Let us remember those immortal lines uttered by Tiny Tim, in
Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol,
God Bless Us, God Bless Us Everyone.

A Merry Christmas from Rainbow Chasers
Mark Hutchinson, Ruth Angell, Ashley Hutchings, Jo Hamilton

Albion Heart
Hard times made a gypsy of him
Carried away on an emmigrant wind
Behind him the white cliffs were fading away
The unknown horizon was calling
With tears in his eyes he said his goodbyes to England

So goodbye to my homeland
Now we're apart
I'll keep you in mind, never leave you behind
In my Albion Heart

She was born of higher degree
And their love was shared secretly
In separate circles condemned by his class
He left for America's shore
Vowing to come back a gentleman one day to England

So goodbye to my homeland
Now we're apart
I'll keep you in mind, never leave you behind
In my Albion Heart

After seven long years the wind turned around
And a gentleman now for England was bound
No longer a tradesman he came to her door
With love in his heart overflowing
He swept her away they married that day there in England

So here in my homeland
We never will part
I kept you in mind, never left you behind
In my Albion Heart

An Albion Christmas [click for larger image]

it was not a myth as some
would have us believe
it really did happen
"It was a day of peace in war,"
commented a German participant,
"It is only a pity that it
was not decisive peace."
from the BBC archives

Coope, Boyes & Simpson and
Wak Maar Proper.
Christmas Truce -
Kerstbestand (NMCD14)
Released: 1 November 1999.
A new album of live recordings of
Coope Boyes & Simpson
and sixty piece Flemish choir
with traditional carols and songs
written specially for this
Christmas Peace Concert.
First performed in Ypres Cathedral.

everything you  need
to know about one of
the loveliest areas of

you really should visit this
website, Damon Hart-Davis
has done a bang-up job on this
collection of sightsand sounds,
and the best part is, you can use
them on your website, as we have
done here, example, the landscape 
picture on the An Albion Christmas
page.Massive thanks go out to
Damon and all of the photographers
involved in DHD.remember to give
them a credit if you use any
of their pictures.

half way along the road
between Northampton
and Wellingborough.
this is their website.

A Very Merry Christmas to you all

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