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Folk Rock For Good. January 29th 2005. 7:30pm

This sold out concert was organised by The Broughton Family in aid of Christies Against Cancer and by David Lewis Promotions in aid of the Pendleside Hospice.

January 29th 2005. 7:30pm

joe and ben broughton

This page was originally built on our Ashley Hutchings website (it's still there), but considering the importance that is attached to this concert and more importantly, the causes for which the concert is being held, we at albionchronicles felt that this announcement should be spread as far and wide as possible, so, here we are.......
Ben & Joe Broughton present a once in a lifetime charity concert featuring some of the biggest names on the Folk Rock scene. Performers include Ashley Hutchings, who will reunite members of the Albion Band, Chris While & Julie Matthews, Ken Nicol (Steeleye Span), Kevin Dempsey (Whippersnapper), Peter Knight (Steeleye Span), Kellie While, Fred T Baker, The Fiddle Quintet, Tom Leary, Judy Dunlop and special surprise guests.
The one and only Keith Donnelly will be the MC
for this Folk Rock extravaganza. Don’t
miss what is sure to
be an unforgettable evening of incredible music!

For All You Travellers:If you are anywhere in the UK during the time period of the concert, please try to make it, and help make a difference in the search for a cure for cancer, and to aid those who require help, you'll not be sorry, we promise you

A Unique Opportunity


With a grand and glorious  history that stretches back over twenty years The Albion Band has been a showcase for some of the finest folk musicians in the land. Past members have included                                                               Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Chris Leslie, Dave Mattacks, Julie Matthews, Simon Nicol, Ric Sanders, Phil Beer, John Tams, Richard Thompson and Chris While, the list goes on and on, AH always did have that knack of gathering together the very best that folk music has to offer. One of the most recent line-ups of Ashley Hutchings, Joe Broughton, Kellie While,Ken Nicol and Neil Marshall was called a classic line-up. As well as this line-up reuniting - for one night only - there is the potential for other past members of the Albion Band to get together. Who knows what could happen?!

Judy Dunlop

 This page in only a tease, as it were, showing the very basic information, for much, much more, please visit the
 we sold out completely.
Thank you all, so very much for coming
out and supporting a very worth while cause.

ben and joe broughton

Pendleside Hospice Care

Ben and Joe have organised this
concert to celebrate the life of their
father Mike Broughton who died
earlier this year. They feel that
a meaningful and joyful concert
is the best way of doing this.
All the musicians are playing for
free so that every possible penny
goes to the chosen charities.
Everyone involved in putting
this concert on is determined to
raise the maximum amount of money
and see that it is put to
 the best possible use.
Please come and enjoy the concert,
and know that the price of your
ticket will directly help
 people who really need it.

Christies Against Cancer

 Box Office
(UK phone number)
Telephone: 01282 664400

or order tickets online here:
Tickets - 15 /
Children Under 16 - 10

Performer's Websites

Folk Rock For Good. January 29th 2005. 7:30pm

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