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 "As soon as the Morning of the Nativity appears, it is customary among the common people to sing a Christmas-Carol".
- Henry Bourne, The Antiquities of the Common People. (1725)

Regional and historical carols and
songs from midwinter traditions

carol singers ca. 1920 [click for larger image]

With bands of carollers and wassail songs, tales of Mowbray Pies and ghosts - and hospitable customs like Mumping and Clementing, the Winter season in the English countryside was a time of fireside celebration and travellers’ voices at the door. Now, you can't say better than that now, can you? This album is the inspiration for this page, and while the album is the central piece, and, of course the participants on the album, we will, as usual, provide you with an example or two of  carols and songs, and provide you with the usual links, in their usual places, to other websites that are relevant to the topic at hand.

Coop Boyes & Simpson [click for larger]
Coop, Boyes & Simpson (in that order!)

Drawing on first-hand accounts of old customs, traditional stories and carols from the small towns and villages in the English counties, Fire and Sleet and Candlelight brings these once common experiences back to life. The incomparable accapella harmonies of Coop Boyes & Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya and Georgina Boyes featured on an album of music from the production were an outstanding success with audiences on Classic FM ,
BBC Radio 2 and 3 and led to a sell-out tour in England and The Netherlands.

All Together Now!
Barry Coope Jim Boyes & Lester Simpson,Fi Fraser,Georgina Boyes and Jo Freya

a review of the album from the BBC had this to say:

"The powerful, utterly distinctive harmonies of Coope Boyes and Simpson with the additional vocal tones of the Fraser Sisters and Georgina Boyes produce a dense, resonant sonority ... Here are songs from Albion's past to be enjoyed at any season but since it's that time of year ... light the candles, sit close by the fire and wallow in the aural gorgeousness of Coope, Boyes, Simpson, Fraser, Freya and Boyes." BBC Radio 2 website.

Jo Freya, Fi Fraser - The Fraser Sisters
Jo Freya, Fi Fraser - The Fraser Sisters

Fire and Sleet and Candlelight [click for larger]
No Masters NMCD21 2004

Hark, Hark What News (Good News)
While Shepherds Watched their
Flocks by Night 
(Sweet Chiming Bells)
Drive the Cold Winter Away
Gloucestershire Wassail
I Saw Three Ships
King Pharim
Hail Smiling Morn
The Cherry Tree Carol
Peace o’er the World
(The Bradda’ Anthem)
Shepherds Rejoice
Down in Yon Forest
*Words: Latin from 12th Century,
German from 14th century
 (several sources give
the date of 1360), from
Music: "Personent Hodie,"
14th Century

It Is The Season

singer, caller at dances.
Old Swan Band, Blowzabella,
Token Women, we could go
on forever but we won't, we'll let
Jo speak and sing for herself

a small village, three miles from Lichfield
in Staffordshire.and it's from
the website we got the absolutely
delightful picture of the
carol singers from
there are other really great
 photographs as well, illustrating
the life of the village down the years.
and in the photograph:
Carol singers - ca 1920.
 Adolphus John (Jack) Pass
shown on left; his daughter,
Margaret, in front of him.

Georgina Boyes
Georgina Boyes

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